Rise Above with Nick Vujicic

Nick will lead you through a transformational course that will help you overcome fear, redefine "impossible" and RISE ABOVE your obstacles to live a fulfilling and purposeful life TODAY!

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About Nick Vujicic and

Rise Above

Throughout his life, Nick has learned to overcome not only the difficulties associated with being physically disabled; he has also overcome issues of bullying, low self-esteem, depression, loneliness and fear.

Now Nick has produced the most unique, inspirational and life-changing course available online, "Rise Above".

This course is structured to equip you to Rise Above your obstacles and achieve your life goals. Nick delivers each lesson with his usual charisma and good-humor, while prompting self-reflection as he shares his insights on overcoming obstacles.

Nick is an acclaimed international motivational speaker and accomplished author with five titles published in over 30 languages including the New York Times Best Seller “Unstoppable”

Transformational, Inspirational and Practical

"This course allows me to go one-on-one with people and make a real and lasting difference in their lives" - Nick Vujicic


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