Nick Vujicic and Attitude Is Altitude are on a mission to spark passion, kindle hope and ignite change all around the world.  Throughout his life, Nick has learned to overcome not only the difficulties associated with being physically disabled; he has also overcome issues of bullying, low self-esteem, depression, loneliness and fear.

Now Nick has produced the most unique, inspirational and life-changing course available online, "Rise Above".  Rise Above will help you overcome your fear, give you confidence, turn obstacles into opportunities and redefine "impossible" in your life today!

This course is structured to equip anyone to Rise Above their obstacles and achieve their next level of success. Nick delivers each lesson with his usual charisma and good-humor, while prompting self-reflection as he shares his insights on overcoming obstacles.

Nick is giving people the opportunity to learn directly from him, one-on-one, through these all new and exclusive, online video courses.  These courses are designed to explore the values, principles and attitudes behind Nicks message in a deeper and more meaningful way as he mentors participants to implement his strategies in their own life. 

We believe that with the right guidance every person can overcome life’s challenges, conquer their fears, push past their problems and achieve their goals.


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